Sacramento Truck Accident Lawyer: What to Do After a Crash


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Sacramento Truck Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been involved in a truck accident in the Sacramento area, one of the most important things you need to do is contact a Sacramento truck accident lawyer. However, before making that call, here are a few initial steps you should take after a crash:

First, get to a safe location if possible. Only move injured people if their life is threatened by staying on the road. Otherwise, leave those involved in the crash where they are until emergency responders arrive.

Next, call 911 to report the accident and request medical assistance if needed. Provide details about the location, number of vehicles involved, and any injuries.

Document the scene by taking photos if it is safe to do so. Photograph vehicle damage, road conditions, traffic signs, and anything else relevant. Jot down notes about what you observed before the vehicles are towed away.

Get information from other drivers. Exchange names, contact details, insurance policies, and record license plate numbers. Note the name of the other company if it was a commercial vehicle.

When to Contact a Sacramento Truck Accident Attorney

Once the immediate aftermath of the accident is handled, the next important step is contacting a Sacramento truck accident lawyer.

When to Contact a Sacramento Truck Accident Attorney

While it may be tempting to deal directly with insurance adjusters, hiring an attorney can help protect your rights and maximize potential compensation in several key ways.

A Sacramento Truck Accident Lawyer will investigate the details of the crash to determine if there was negligence on the part of the trucking company or driver.

They are experienced in commercial vehicle law and know what factors may result in a viable claim, such as speeding, inexperienced drivers, equipment defects, and improper load securing.

Attorneys can also determine if the trucking company had any regulatory or Department of Transportation violations on their record that contributed to the collision.

A history of safety issues may strengthen a liability case by providing support in building a strong truck collision compensation guide for victims.

Insurance companies have a vested interest in settling for the lowest possible payout. A lawyer ensures your claim is fully and fairly evaluated based on the severity of injuries, lost wages, medical costs, pain and suffering, and other damages rather than lowball early on.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Sacramento

Several main causes of truck crashes commonly lead to injury in the Sacramento area. A knowledgeable Sacramento Truck Accident Lawyer will investigate whether any of these factors were at play:

Driver fatigue: Commercial drivers are under strict hours of service regulations but some ignore them and drive while overly tired, increasing the risk of falling asleep at the wheel. Driving for long periods without rest breaks puts lives in danger.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Sacramento

Speeding and aggressive driving: While trucks have reduced maneuverability, driving too fast for conditions or tailgating poses hazards. Excessive speed increases stopping distances and the force of impacts.

Defective equipment: Brake or tire failures, issues with visibility like cracked or unmaintained mirrors, and mechanical problems can suddenly disable control of a large vehicle.

Poor load securing: An unbalanced or loosely tied-down cargo may shift during braking, causing a truck to tip over or change direction unpredictably and jeopardizing other motorists.

Driver distraction: Using cell phones illegally or attending to tasks inside the cab takes drivers’ attention away from the road and traffic around them.

Following these risks too closely or cutting others off endangers innocent drivers who then need representation after crashes not of their own making.

Building a Liability Case with a Sacramento Truck Accident Lawyer

If the initial assessment finds indicators of negligence that contributed to the accident with a large truck, a Sacramento Truck Accident Lawyer will proceed with investigating further to prove liability. This often involves obtaining documentation like:

Police report: These provide objective factual details recorded at the scene independent of either party’s recollection.

Police report in truck accident case

Commercial vehicle/driver records: Violations, maintenance logs, inspection reports, hours worked, and any training certifications are examined.

Eyewitness statements: Speaking to other drivers or passengers can corroborate events leading up to impact.

Expert analysis: Accident reconstruction specialists may inspect damage patterns and use engineering principles to determine sequence, speeds, and compliance with regulations.

Medical records: The severity of injuries provides evidence supporting the forces involved in the 18-wheeler collision legal aspects.

Once a solid liability case is built, an attorney and their client are in a strong position to negotiate a full and fair settlement with responsive insurance companies.

Potential Damages Covered in a Truck Accident Settlement

When liability is proven against a negligent trucking company, the compensation sought on a client’s behalf typically includes:

Potential Damages Covered in a Truck Accident Settlement
  • Medical bills incurred for emergency response, hospitalization, surgeries, rehabilitation, prescriptions, therapy, prosthetics, and lifelong care.
  • Lost wages from missed work and long-term disability preventing a return to the previous occupation.
  • Pain and suffering are associated with injuries like fractures, concussions, nerve damage, disfigurement, and their lasting impact.
  • Punitive damages may also be awarded in rare cases involving malicious or intentional misconduct above and beyond mere negligence.

While no settlement can undo the harm, they aim to fairly reimburse all costs and make the injured party whole to the extent money allows following life-altering events outside their control.

Helping Clients Navigate the Claims Process

For those without legal experience, dealing with insurance adjusters trying to minimize payouts is intimidating. That is why retaining a Sacramento Truck Accident Lawyer is key.

Helping Clients Navigate the Claims Process

The Sacramento Truck Accident Lawyer will submit formal demands supported by evidence and negotiate on your behalf. To counter low-ball offers, they leverage the threat of litigation should reasonable compensation not be provided without a court fight.

A Sacramento Truck Accident Lawyer can also advise on settlement structure, ensuring portions are tax-advantaged or set aside in a reversionary trust dedicated solely to future needs. They protect clients’ rights throughout extensive proceedings lasting years in severe injury cases.

For those overwhelmed by mountains of paperwork, bills, and confusing correspondence, experienced professional guidance relieves significant stress.

Clients can instead focus on healing and rebuilding lives after Sacramento truck accidents through a lawyer’s advocacy.

Contact a Sacramento Truck Accident Lawyer for a Free Case Evaluation

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries from a commercial vehicle collision requiring ongoing care, consulting with a Sacramento truck accident lawyer is highly recommended.

An initial consultation is usually free to discuss the situation and help navigate issues like potential attorney fees without financial obligation if a case is not pursued.

Top firms dedicate their practice exclusively to assisting victims of transportation incidents. They bring decades of specialized knowledge, investigative resources, and trial experience that can make a difference in achieving maximum compensation for losses after going through traumatic events.

Do not hesitate to pursue your lawful right to recovery. Get in touch with a qualified Sacramento truck accident lawyer as soon as possible for a prompt assessment of your potential claim.

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